That world tour where robberies keep interfering with the journey

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - North American touring cyclist w his bike in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Every bike tour starts with people telling you what could go wrong .. they just are not supposed to come true

“I am just riding, trying to see every country. I really don’t have a plan. Every country everywhere. I have riridden 18 months in North America. Mexico got in the way of going to South America. I got robbed, and guns and all that kind of stuff. The first time I tried to go through to Mexico, I crossed the border at south Texas and somebody came up alongside in a car and told me to pull over and I, like a dumb American, I said ‘No’. Like I could outrun them, or something. So they opened a door and knocked me into a ditch and I got up yelling and they were all holding guns on me. They searched me and all that. I was just maybe an hour and  a half into Mexico. They say the first 100 miles is the area you have to worry about. After that you are OK. That is where all the drug  stuff is going on. It was probably the police because e they did not shoot me and they frisked me and all that kind of stuff.
“They did not take anything from me. They just told me to go. And I came back to America because I realised I was not ready to go. And I came back to San Diego and came across in Baja which is like Mexico/America. Then got robbed just before I got to La Paz, Mexico. I got a bit further down in La Paz area. It was not just some middle of the night robbery thing. But I did lose my motivation for America. I still want to do South America, but I might just fly in. Anyway, I gave up and flew out of there for Canada where they are friendlier. They robbed me, too, but that was more the expenses. They are so expensive there. They did it politely.”

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