That moment to be mesmerised by street performance

Barry Sandland/TIMB - Street performer and his bike in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – That unnoticed art of street performance

“I am from Portugal and do this every day. There are a few of us who work on this corner.”

Notes: I have a love for street performers. In the UK, they are called buskers. Brilliant performance people. This was at the corner of Rue Belliard and Ave des Arts in Belgium, but just about every city has something comparable. Jugglers and acrobats are there every day, it seems, offering entertainment to the drivers finding their ways home or work. Just a few seconds, a minute, of entertainment, but it can be mesmerising.

I have a thing for jugglers when they start propelling their objects higher and then add even more to the stunt. Or the acrobats who do some superb stunts with nothing but a car fender and asphalt to break their falls.

If you read this, spare a thought and a buck or two as you go by. They really are worth every penny. Yes, cyclists can also contribute to their hats.

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