Scratches and spare paint is just character on your bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Photographer standing w his bike in front of the Bourse in Brussels, BGelgium

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Wear and tear are signs the bike is wanted and used.

“I only know the bike’s short-term story. It was gifted to me. A lot of people know me on the messenger and the mechanics side and with different cycling associations, and somebody just gave it to  me because I found it so nice. It was one of the guys who fixes and sells bikes and he restored this. He heard that I found it really beautiful and he said, ‘Keep it. It’s yours’. There are some nice people. I think it was painted several times. You can see the copper on this side and the marks here, the identity number of the previous owner. I think it was just spray painted. This has a patina that I really like. Even my cameras are like that, they have scratches everywhere. And people are like, “How can you treat your camera like that”, and I just do not care as long as the sensors and the optics are great. Scratches give it character. And then you are focused on the finality. It is the same with bicycles. I do not care if they are scratched.”

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