Another chance to explore whether this is your bike

CYCLO bike sale in Brussels

Go find your bike for the summer

Yet another opportunity to get your bike. At least here in Brussels. Tomorrow, Cyclo, one of the foremost cycling advocacy organisations in Belgium, is hosting a giant bike sale. People with unwanted bikes, hopefully second and third bikes in their house, can sell their excesses through the organisation. Cyclo makes sure the bike is roadworthy and gets a nice splash of cash. There is still time to get your bike into the sale, if you bring them to the locations today.

And if you want to get a bike, for yourself, your children, others, then this is a great sale. Mostly vintage machines, there are also racing bikes, unicycles, tandems available. The only wonder is which one will be your bike.

But I suppose there arte still people like me. I did a bike count the other day. I have four functioning bikes in my house. I have another stashed in the UK for visits. And then there is the excess frame that has to get assembled. And, if that is not enough,I just bought two more frames and I have to go looking for the components to set them up.

I am definitely a supporter Rule 12 from Velominati. The correct number of bikes to own is N+1.

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