Just another day without trains

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Two transit strike cyclists with a military vehicle and staff in the background

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A scenic background in Brussels

Just another transit strike solution.

Notes: Belgium, and yet another transport strike day. It is starting to feel like a part of our summer. But then, so does the rain.

We have yet another transport strike today. But, for a change, car-oriented people seem to have learned. There are far fewer cars on the roads. It is almost manageable for drivers. Cyclists are enjoying wonderful freedoms.

But, even with the people who chose to stay home, cyclists are still so much faster. Cars get that 30 metres or so where they can demonstrate their “superior”:speed. And then the bicycles slip alongside and then disappear into the distance.

Oh, the military. Brussels still has a strong military presence following the Brussels attacks on March 22. They are a photographic attraction. But they still insist on remonstrating photographers who might have them in their images. That, somehow, they can forbid a photo.

The law is clear that they have a right to privacy. I cannot take an intentional image of a person (military or otherwise) without their permission. That means, a person who is deliberately identifiable in the image. Their presence in my viewfinder is not enough to insist the image not be taken.

I am quite careful about this. I have loads of images of soldiers and police photographed from behind, headless, scarved. Or the image is presented in low-resolution, so the person cannot be identified.

And the same applies to people featured in this blog. I make sure the photo is clearly being taken. People who are interviewed are asked fore permission, that it will appear own a blog. Some people prefer an anonymous image, something headless, so they can maintain their privacy.

All good for me.

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