Unlike doctors, bicycle mechanics can practice on themselves

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Trainee bicycle mechanic w his Orbea bicycle in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Learn your skills on your own

“I just started a course on how to repair bicycles so the bike also serves as something I can use to practice. I hope, when I am done, I can open a bike workshop. With the bike, I bought everything separately. The frame and forks were together, then I went and found the wheels, the components, everything else online. Putting it all together in the workshop by myself, being shown how it is done, took a week and I am really pleased. It rides very well, and it is light – less than 10 kilos. Before I rode a vintage bike, a Thompson. When you have a bike like this, you forget about the vintage bike a little. Vintage has its charm as you roll about the city, but if you are doing 90 kilometres, you want something like this. I did 90 kilometres in 4.5 hours.”

Notes: Ever had those days when something seems to recur in a short period. As I found this beautiful Orbea bike, I then heard a Telegraph Cycling podcast about Basque riders. It had a detour to the Orebea, a collective factory, owned by workers, and a key driver of promoting cycling, racing teams, in the Basque region. Their bikes come with lifelong guarantees. Orbea used to be a gun manufacturer until the period between the world wars. They repurposed the machines used to created guns and started making bicycles. Now that is repurposing.

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