A personal style, on and off the bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Fashion designer with his Dutch upright bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – If fashion is about making a style your own…

“I am a designer. I make my own clothes. I am always on the bike. I like the bike, the simplicity., And I do not have a car. I am just not motivated to get one. It just makes no sense to me. If I have to move a box, or something heavier, I can rent a truck. I just have no need for a car. I save money and riding is more interesting. To come and go on the bike, do your errands on the bike. My last trip, I was at the supermarket and bought 16 two-litre bottles of water. I put them here with an elastic cord. I have found the balance with heavy loads. It is my normal.
“For me, there Dutch bike is the best bike. A good bike and good quality. They have developed bikes for children for racing, for business. I chose this style, specifically. On a mountain bike, the position is not the same. Not as comfortable. The racing bike shape is the same. For me, they are not comfortable. I like the bikes that are functional, utilitarian. And I like to sit upright. You have a better view. You see everything.”

Notes: I have seen this rider a dozen times and have never been able to meet him. You see him once, and you will remember him the second time. And it was probably the sense of fashion in his dress that attracted me even more than his bike. No surprise he is a designer. Trained in France, origins pull back to Senegal. … When we finished chatting, we parted ways and I slipped off down the road. not slowly. So, it was a laugh when I looked over my shoulder and saw him there, straight, completely non-aerodynamic, but travelling at the same speed.

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