Food and the lovers of

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - People gathered at the Brussels food truck festival and their bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – The Food Truck Festival is done for the year, but the taste remains.

I might have to confess to expecting too much. Or being a snob. I have massive expectations from Brussels Food Truck Festival. So, I was slightly  disappointed with some of the food.

I loved the Mugs and Bugs and the opportunity to taste dried insects in my food. It was a reason to visit the festival. But there were more standard offerings. Like the sandwich shop that used breads they imported from America. It seems to be so counter to local food and provenance. Ot the dip that used processed cheese slices instead of a flavour filled slice from an artisanal block.

Foodies are the disciples of food trucks. They are the advocates and the first proponents. And in that community, the standards are high. Provenance has been so very important to our food supplies. So has the insistence that processed, fabricated foods be left behind.

I want to be clear that I imagine the overwhelming majority of trucks are trying to raise standards, trying to do something more. I had to revisit the deep fried olive croquettes twice, the taste was so delicious.

But elsewhere the essential elements are being stripped back in favour of convenience.

I am looking forward to next year’s festival. I expect more trucks and even higher food experiences. I pitched up for all three days, this year, and bought a meal every visit. Next year, more people will come with me and we will be tasting from plate to plate.

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