And the white bike no more … for a moment


©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Mixed emotions at all the bikes being used – yet nothing for me.

Day Two: So, I was persuaded to walk about a dozen kilometres from one entrance of De Hoge Veluwe National Park to the other, with the promise we would ride bikes back. With my feet aching as we walked the last stretch, we turned the corner and there were rows and rows of bike stands – and not one bike. Not one. I could have cried.

A park truck drove up and, when we asked about the absent bikes, they laughed. Apparently it rarely happens. .. None of this did anything to help my mood…. But they offered to drive us back to another station where there would  be bikes.

As we struggled to fit inside the cabin, I could see a few riders appearing. Bikes were trickling back into the space. So, out of the truck and off to take the bikes the other people had just left. And then back into any zone. Feet are meant to pedal bikes, not walk.

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