Brussel’s Royal bike path of inconvenience

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Man on a bike wearing an Anti-terrorist t-shiret in front of the royal family residence in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Brussel’s new bike lane is restricting the wrong traffic.

The Royal family has changed residences here in Brussels and with it has come a sliver of a  bike lane in front of their new home. It only runs a few dozen metres, complete with armed guards and a concrete barrier alongside. But the new pathway has limited the initial space and makes it a damned inconvenient ride. Meanwhile cars have the usual unrestricted drive along the section.

It would have been so easy to leave cyclists a safe ride, enough space to move, by placing the concrete barrier a little further out into the car lane which is plenty wide enough to cope with the loss of space. The cyclists might be able to ride safely, instead of having yet another obstruction to their movements.

So, I had this t-shirt that I have been eager to use, somehow. I bought it years ago, when in New York, and have only worn it a few times.  It has a yellow sign with a  bike and the text ANTI-TERRORIST VEHICLE Use Alternative Energy Now. It seemed the perfect opportunity to use it for a photo.

One of these days, cyclists in Brussels will be treated as equal on the road and not “the other vehicle” that can be casually disregarded.

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