Dream bike of love and friendship

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bike messenger w his yellow bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Perhaps the ideal bike

“This bike was a gift. My girlfriend contacted all my colleagues, my friends, at Hush Rush, the messenger company where I work. They all gave it to me as a birthday gift. My girlfriend knew I wanted this one because I have never had a frame that was the right size. By this time I was already very close friends with my boss. He was kinda my best friend. And then all the other messengers contributed, as well. So this frame is a gift of love and friendship.

“Then I started to build the bike myself with all the components chosen one by one. I eventually had my dream bike. Then I started adding decals to cover some pocks and marks that the frame collected and now you can barely see the paint job.”

Photographer’s notes: There are always good stories out there. Like this, a mass of cyclists banding together for a gift. The other one was a messenger in the UK who got hit (deliberately) by a driver. He was struggling to pay his rent and opted to make an appeal on a crowdfunder website. He was looking for £300 and, a couple of weeks later, had just over #3,000. True story. And there is something very cool about being in a  community that cares about each other.

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