That silly numeric about cars and bikes

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Woman in cardboard wagon design indicating car density in cities

©Barry Sandland/.TIMB – Ever wonder where the traffic jams come from?

Numbers are wonderful facts. At the “Une Autre Chose” march last week, there was a caravan of cardboard cut-outs, suggesting a better way for the city. Brussels is a small city, when you think about places like London. but there is no shortage of cars during rush hour. Double Berlin, which has a slightly better bicycle culture.

Last month, traffic authorities stated that Brussels roads had surpassed the 100% capacity level. Unless something is done to decrease vehicles, it will become a hellhole here. After all, there has to be a limit to the number of new roads that can be built.

And then there are the lesser numbers. Liked the count you have in your head as you ride past cars after car in traffic jams, leaving them in your wake, cars that will never see you again on your ride home. Or the number of cars stranded looking for parking spaces as you lock your bike to a pole. Or the number of bikes that can fit in your apartment hallway.

How about cash? How much a car driver has to pay every week in order to drive 100 kilometres. And how much it costs a cyclist. I reckon, since I got rid of the car (I rent when I need one), I have saved at least 100 Euros per month… And I was a very occasional driver. The cost for a daily driver must be incredible.

Then there are other numbers, like the number of bikes in Amsterdam. There are more bikes than people. Or the growing numbers for bikes in London.

And then, my favourite. The number of bikes in my personal collection. I have four road worthy bikes and another three in various states of development. And I am still looking for a few more.

If you want some more  information about traffic jams in Belgium, (Traffic jams in Belgium were never longer) try this link.

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