And now for a completely different life

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Under the banner Tout Auras Chose, Belgians marched for a different way

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A massive Belgian gathering in search of another way

This has been an unusual and difficult period here in Brussels. A week ago, I was readying the site for two posts about simultaneous events in Brussels as I saw football hooligans rioting in the city centre, while a peaceful demonstration of people working for a different future happened just 700 metres away.

I posted a series of images from the football event. Then the design quickly fell away as Brussels faced a twin bombing in yet another terrorist event in Europe. The site focused more on that event.

But I want to return to the peaceful, green-thinking event and some of the bike-oriented images that I saw at the event. A friendlier, happier experience and a direction I would rather focus upon.

There was no shortage of images. If you want to see cyclists, go to an alternative event. They are in their natural environment.

The alternative march was under the banner of Tout Autre Chose – translation as “A Completely Different Way”, or “A Completely Other Thing”. A simple call to look at our lives in a different way, with new perspectives. A challenge to our sources of energy; how cities are designed; the overwhelming presence of cars; the potential to be, simply, different.

It was such a different experience to the violence just a kilometres away.

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