The double-header bike event for Brussels students

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Marche Verlo promotion own handlebars

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – The bike sale for all Brussels students – and anyone else looking for a new ride.

The Bourse has been a key point for three separate events in Brussels, this week. On Sunday, violence with football supporters on the day of the Belgian Cup Final. Two days later, the square was filled with people in solidarity after the terrorist bombings at the airport and metro station. Tonight, hope is for a fun evening with the Br(k organised bike fair.  A chance to pick up second hand bikes ands get back on the road. Stick around and join the evening ride.

March 23, Bri(k, the student organisation in Brussels, is hosting a bike sale to get more students on wheels. From first-time riders to those who came to the city but left their rides behind. .. And let’s not forget the numbers who had their bikes stolen. And once there is a pair of wheels safely found, join the night-time bike ride to celebrate.

I was there last year, getting my bike engraved with my ID number (essential!). And then there are the meals, offers of free maintenance and then the low-price offers for locks and more.

If you are in need, head to the Bourse in the city centre. Easily seen from the steps.

And, let’s face it, we could all do with a little smile and a bit of fun. What better way than with a bike.

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