Post-bomb bike ride in Brussels


©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Cars in gridlock and bikes wait their riders. The European Parliament area a couple of hours after the bombings.

BRUSSELS ATTACK: Brussels was rocked this morning with two explosions, targeting the Zaventum airport and the metro station in the heart of the European Parliament district. Scores of people were killed or injured in the two attacks. An hour later, the city was on lockdown. Most major stores and shopping districts had closed. Staff were asked to return home. And, of course, there was the ensuing traffic issues. But, to be clear, it was all very orderly and careful.
If anything, people were all the more aware of the need to be calm, give space where they could, and listen to the instructions.
I rode my bike around the city, obeying the traffic directions from the police and military, making space for others, being tolerant of what has to happen in these conditions.
The city was far from panic. A calm pervaded everything. Cars gave way to each other and bikes, people were smiling at each other, sharing the event, understanding the common condition.

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