Two wheels have a better view, if you want it

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Man on bike at football violence at the Belgian Cup final in 2016

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A bike gives a better option to move about .. and get out of the way.

2/2: A cyclist’s view at the violence that broke out prior to the finals in the Belgian Cup over the weekend. There were a few dozen people who came across the Brussels demonstration on their bicycles. Whether they came deliberately, or by coincidence, the bike was there. I shot this anonymous rider as he watched the police structure their advance. And we, the spectators, all tried to stay out of the way (while still getting a good vantage point).
Does this remind anyone else of old-time battles of red and blue coats? They would determine the battleground and the forces would align, in full sight of each other, lines of uniforms who would then do battle. I am not trying to romanticise this football violence. It just struck me as part of the same insanity. And then the spectators viewing the battle from the hillside, as some kind of perverse entertainment. As if they were not involved, that this violence is somehow their prerogative to enjoy.

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