Tear gas, violence and the beautiful game


©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Smoke filled Brussels city centre yesterday before the Belgium Cup football final.

1/3: Welcome to Brussels and the football final for the Belgian Cup, yesterday. Tear gas, massive police presence, beer can projectiles, smoke bombs, police dogs, mounted police and water canons. I had to stay and watch – a human curiosity. But, even at what I thought was safe distance, I had a moment where a beer can whistled past far too close. And I saw it far too late to have done anything, anyway. It was a sad reminder of the violence that surrounded the sport in the eighties.

Human curiosity being what it is, there were a hundred or more spectators. Passerby, tourists, locals, all with their mobile phones recording the event. It is an oddity. To her clear, it is a welcome oddity. I like that the public is on hand to record events. For me, it offers a better truth of events. An impartiality to events.

Another oddity. By coincidence, the image I posted yesterday of the group of five, on singles and tandem, was taken about 50 metres down the same street. 24 hours later…. See it here… Three is comnpany, five is just friends


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