A percentile explanation for Villo users

©Barry Sandland/.TIMB - Man with Velo Ville bike in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Bike theft can bring about a change in cycling.

“I have had three bikes. Each time I have taken a bike to the city, someone stole it. And I have had three bike stolen in the past year. Now I use the VeloVille. It is practical. I visit my mother nearby, then take a VeloVille and, in five minutes, I am here. By car, it is 20 minutes. About 40% of the motivation to be on VeloVille has been bike theft. But these bikes ride very well.”


This has to be a common story amongst Velo Ville users. The bike theft issue in cities is enormous and being able to get a bike from a stand, ride and then return it too another stand… That is it. For the city commuter, just being able to keep your favourite ride for other occasions has to be inviting.

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