When a wobble in your wheel turns into a bust

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclists with new wheels to replace the broken rear wheel

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Two wheeler with three wheels

“My rear wheel has been bad for a while and today it was all over. I have been fixing the spokes for days now, but today the tire exploded. So. New tire and new wheel.”

Photographer’s notes: Maybe it is just me, but I have bought more new wheels over the past decade for my “better” bikes than I did in two decades with my first bike.

I mean, I still have the original 1974 Shimano Duraace wheels on my road bike. They are wonderful. Meanwhile, what with Belgian cobblestones, I have chewed through a half dozen wheels on my hybrid. I can expect to replace the rear wheel every two years.

And then, when I have a hub set I like, it is often cheaper to buy a new wheel than pay to have the old hub rebuilt. Not only cheaper, but simply better.

There is something wrong with all this. One of my favourite hubs is now a paperweight on my desk.

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