Just because you ride a bike, not everything has to be healthy

Barry Sandland/TIMB - Man w his Minerva bicycle

Barry Sandland/TIMB – A corner of the world with a bit of sunshine. Life could be worse.

“I am always on the bike. I am a committed cyclist. But it has been recent. Just five years. There was an economic reason. You cannot save money if you have a car. It is expensive and not as efficient as the bike. Anywhere in Brussels is easier by bike. At some point the traffic problem became too much. I do not really consider the benefits of cycling. There is the physical advantage, of course. Being healthy is something that is a guarantee if you do this regularly. But I am riding about 50kms per day. Two or three tours of the city every day. And yes, I smoke. I see no contradiction there.”

Photographer’s notes: I love visiting the Jeu de Balle area in Brussels. There is a massive alternative section not the city. Something slightly impoverished, something radical, something that seems separate from the rest of the city. And it shows in the cyclists who appear there.

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