Hidden gems as people flog their bikes en masse

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclo store bike sale w a vintage Danicelli frame

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Dancelli frame is another hidden gem in the great vintage bike sell off.

Twice a year, Cyclo hosts a bike sale, designed to let people sell their bikes in a single event – and bring new owners to unwanted bikes. And there are some rare finds every year.
The Cyclo sale always seems to be under-rated. A few days ago, there were only ten bikes available. And then the explosion. Over 90 bikes in the store this morning and more coming in as I stood there.

And the inevitable effort to sell me one. This one is a gorgeous vintage road from. complete with the name Danicelli engrave on the bottom bracket. This is a pure classic.

I work on the principle that the number of bikes a cyclist needs is N+1.

Unfortunately, my bank balance does not entertain the idea as liberally. The frame remains on the shelf, hoping for the buyer.

As for the frame namesake, it is Michelle Dancelli of the admired Molteni racing team (read: he rode with Merckx)

Link: Michelle Dancelli biography link here…

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