That daily bicycle commute that prevents the inevitable decline

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Man on his Bianchi bike reflecting on the loss of speed and legs as age advances

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Going faster, longer, for as long as legs will survive.

“Every day, I commute about 20 kilometres each way and then I go out on the weekends. Then, a couple of years ago some friends and I formed a club. I have always been a fit person, anyway. And this has certainly prolonged fitness I would probably have started to lose by now. When I was younger, I was a cross-country runner and my legs are gone for running, but this keeps them going. I am doing all right. Maybe. I am 48 now and hope I can keep going for a long time.”

Photographer’s notes: I despise the inevitable decline. I really do. The idea that speed might be failing. I know part of it is true. I also know other interests have come along and taken time from me, training space. Rides get slower, interval training less intense. And then speed starts to fail and we all blame age. I think the largest loss comes from simply not training. Even now I am convinced, if I were to return to proper training, I would whip the collective butts of 90% of the riders I have to face.

But then, maybe a sense of hubris and false bravado is also a part of aging.

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