Developing your first years on the same bike

©Barry Sandalen/TIMB - Pedibal at the London Bike Show

Could this bike get your kid through the first years?

“It is a unique, British bike. With the same bike, a child can move from a balance bike to a bike with pedals. Normally kids have to move to a far heavier bike that they do not know and the change can be very hard. And we have an adult version that can even become an electric bike. We started a year ago. We launched here at the London Bike Show and it has been fantastic.”

Photographer’s notes: I was marvelling at this design. They have a patent on the bracket that allows them to fix pedals to the frame. Like so many good ideas, we all think we could have done that. The balance bike has a gear already there. The pedals can be bolted on by anybody w a wrench. The chain a simple snap assembly. And then the child has a fully functioning bike.

And then, the same design has been brought to a larger, adult version. Late learners, people with balance issues, w the flexibility to instal an electric motor when the pedal assembly is added.

It is rather brilliant. But that has to be British design and development. There is always something shocking out there. This one is stunning because it is so incredibly simple. So, when I walk about seeing carbon fibre, fluted, aerodynamic designs, it was this KISS design was impressive.


Pedibal website here….

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