Returning to London and the improving bike life

I am back in the UK! London. Watch out for buses, HGVs, taxis and too many errant cars. A little cool, a little wet – and three flat tires on the same day. Life is not always good. Today was the chance to get in a few miles so I rode to the new home of @BrixtonCycles, 296-298 Brixton Road. Read more… 


Bare-bones, blue collar at the Brixton Cycles new location. Sawdust and noise.

They are the cooperative bike that was featured on This Is My Bike when they were crowdfunding for the relocation. The new home is on the main Brixton road, not far from the cobweb centre of buses, cars and bikes. No chance of getting in, as they are still in full force construction and the showroom was a haze of sawdust. But the new shop, in its raw form, is superb. Next visit, I should be able to get in the front door.

They say London is making huge strides in cycling – that the number of cyclists, at peak hours, will be more than double the number of cars. And, if you are vaguely fit, at rush hours, there is no chance a car can beat you to the city centre, even if you are coming 20 kilometres. And, if you accept my moment of egotism, I can get to a city destination faster than the train. But I can be kick-ass. 🙂

Tomorrow is the London Bike Show. A chance to see bikes we want to now but could never afford and listen to elite cyclists regale the audience with tales of pelotons we could never enter.

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