Not every cyclocross world championship will be your best


Logan Owen, ten times USA national cyclocross champion, reflecting on his performance.

“I did not have a very good ride. They were just stronger than me. I didn’t have it today. You cannot get mad at that. It is just the way it is.”

Photographer’s notes: There is a wider and wider body of countries that have taken on cyclocross. It used to be a rather obscure sport dominated by Holland and Belgium. Well, those two remain the dominant forces, but the sport is growing worldwide.

In the USA, cyclocross growth has been phenomenal. Participants have quadrupled since the 1990s. It has become a phenomena w female cyclists. And not every race will be the best Рeven if you want it to be.

I like the reflective response to his result today. Some races are yours. Some are not. You have to accept it and then get ready for the next.

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