Settling nerves over porridge at the Cyclo World Champs


Hannah Payton in the post-race scrum

“I was completely nerve wracked at the start of the race. I was looking at the sky and seeing the storms coming. But nothing bothered Evie. We were having porridge this morning and she was so calm. She is built for this kind of pressure.”

Photographer’s notes: OK, I was listening in to the chat as she spoke with her friends and family – not so polite,  but it was so kind and self-deprecating. And celebratory of her teammate’s success. Forgive me.

As an aside, this was the first under-23 women’s world championship race. If cyclocross is a celebration of racing in mud, then this was the event. The inaugural race was the hardest of the weekend. As the women rode off the starting line, a wave of freezing rain swept across the race course – and then kept raining.

And the under-23 got the perfect race for their opening.

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