Heading to the World Cyclocross Championships

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Spectator at a World Cup cyclocross race

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Spectator at a World Cup cyclocross race

I am heading off to see the World Cyclocross Championships, in Zolder, Belgium, for the next two days. The first day are the junior and under-23 categories, male and female. Weather forecasts are for rain – enough to make the course a misery, but not so much for the spectators. And, yes, I like watching wet cyclocross races. I sit and enjoy the misery of the riders as they slip and slide on the mud. To see them after then races, strips of wet clay settling into their faces and jerseys. Say what you want about the hardships, wet cyclocross have the best photos. Best of luck to all the riders. Mud is good. Injuries, not so much.

And then there are the spectators. Saw this enthusiast earlier in the season.

This will be the third UCI cyclocross event I will have attended this season. The first was in Namur – a vicious course running around the Namur citadel and using the country trails for maximum effect. By the end of the race, I was caught up on the season.

Having a chance to see the World Championships is something I cannot let slip past. Wonder had it a few years back, so they have a tried and proven course. I will be appearing w umbrella, spare clothing, warm boots and an appetite for warm frites and beer.

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