ProVelo and the winter body count

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - ProVelo rider after the intersection cyclists winter count

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Collecting the hard numbers for bicycling advocacy

“I am with ProVelo and have been counting the number of cyclists that have come through this intersection from 8am to 9am. It was about 150. All the information gets put into a big report about the state of cycling in Brussels. ProVelo does the count about four times every year.”

Photographer’s notes: There have been some cold days recently. Cold enough to actually dress properly and live up to the Scandinavian adage: “There are no cold cyclists. Just poorly dressed ones”

The ProVelo tally is nice to see. To have about 150 cyclists rife through the intersection tells you something about the state ion cycling. There is a hardcore base that will always be around, regardless of the weather.

And, truth be told, it is far more pleasant to ride in very cold weather than very wet.

Regardless, it is cold. Wear gloves or have your fingers turn numb. And cafés. Find cafés and stay warmer.

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