The constant incentives to use VilloVelo

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Student with VilloVelo bik station

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – VilloVelo programs are adding more incentives to use their bikes.

“The Villo is cheap enough. I study here and  the Villo costs 33 Euros for a one year subscription, and that is fine. You get to use it for 30 minutes at no charge. But you can also collect bonus points. I have several hundred already. And that is how many minutes I can exceed the half an hour.

“I think the bikes are reliable. Sometimes you do find a bike where the seat is loose or the gears are loose, but you just take another bike. What can be annoying is that some stations are full while others are empty, which means sometimes you have no bike, or you have no space to put the bike.  This space is normally full. But there is a mobile app that allows you to check what statins are full or empty.

“I will buy a bike, but right now I see no reason to.”

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