Constant rain is not a climate

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Journalist in Belgium w his vintage bicycle

©Barry Sandand/TIMB – Vintage always seems more stylish

“I usually wear a hat because sometimes it just starts raining unexpectedly. I don’ t check the weather before. I leave on the bike and sometimes it rains. The other day, I missed the hail by maybe five minutes. I ride winter and summer. I am from Chicago and I biked everywhere there. Winters in Chicago are waist-deep snow. Belgian weather is just the rain.”

Photographer’s notes: The subject is from Chicago, I spent a lot of time in Toronto. We could connect over winter weather and the challenges that are just not here. Waist-deep snow, the stuff that you have to shovel for hours, only to have a snowplow come by and bury your hard work in slush.

I miss snow. Not the slight fall that leaves slick roads, but the real stuff that fills roads and creates a blanket across the city. Riding in that is a challenge. The sort of snowfall that makes you wonder about your sanity in thinking about riding the bike today.

Or you could just ski to work, instead.


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