Try your luck, take your chance

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Finland actor w his Giant bike in London

Barry Sandland/TIMB – The wave of new faces to the capital, looking for their chance

“I came to London to try my luck. I have been here a little over two months. It has been a slow start but getting better. I am an actor and I do gig-based work. But in Finland, it is not such a big thing. But here there is much more. Let’s see. Anything I can get. If nothing good comes, then I go back to Finland. I have work, but it starts in March. I could go back until then, but there are chances here. But it is very expensive here and my bike is cheap.”

Photographer’s notes: London is one of the world’s hubs for people trying to prove themselves. The opportunities are constant, the challenges every day. I was raised in a small city in Canada and the return to London was both exciting and frightening. The physical size of the city, and the wealth of opportunity. And then, the realisation of the competition that stands next to you.

Everybody needs that experience. It opens you.


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