The Paris agreement might, finally, indicate a change from governments to address climate change

©B~rry Sandland/TIMB - Woman w folding bike walking at climate change protest in Ostend Belgium

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – A climate accord that may mark a change in direction. Finally.

The COP21 agreement has been widely heralded as a fabulous achievement for nations. A promise – not a legal commitment – to keep climate temperature increase to under two decrease celsius from pre-industrial levels by the end of the century. A 100 billion dollar annual fund for developing nations.  A promise to stem greenhouse emissions. But without a treaty, there is considerable leeway in how nations will advance. Regardless, it is a major shift in thinking when the accord established in Copenhagen is considered. For once, national appear to be taking responsibility, some true awareness of the predicament. Using less fossil fuels is an integral element in reducing greenhouse emissions. All of these steps have to be seen as promising for the future. Climate negotiations are not fixed to a single event  but now moves to the national level, to nation states and their potential in the coming years.


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