Who will pay the cost of COP21 Paris?

©Barry Sadland/TIMB - Police watching the Ostend climate march w a man on a bicycle nearby

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – An easy police presence was at the Ostend march, seen occasionally on the sidelines.

The cost of the COP21 conference is about $200 million. What is less known is that private business, some of the heaviest fossil fuel corporations paid about 20% of the bill. That is about $40 million.

This is an investment, a financial bit, paid by corporations for an audience at the highest levels of world governments. This is an access that has to be seen as invaluable.

The benefits of paying the bill, even in part, is the structure of the meeting. From an agenda to the parameters that will be tolerated for protest.

It is no surprise to discover Paris police exercising intolerance to anyone and everyone raising counter-opinions anywhere near the coprpotate voices. There has been a buffer zone where protesters anywhere near the complexes are being moved on, arrested, detailed, questioned.


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