This Is My Bike celebrates one year and a bunch of cyclists later


Today is the one year mark for This Is My Bike. The beginning of year two. There have been over 300 cyclists featured on the site. When I began, I was hoping to be able to keep the flow going. One year behind me, I start to see themes and rhythms in the content – and the potential for the second year. Read on for more… 

It has been 365 days where the best part has been talking to cyclists. People have been immensely cooperative and friendly to the project. It makes continuing all the easier.

Second has been the invisible themes that appear – lines I might have seen in advance, had I thought about it. But to be able to feature cyclists from Canada, from MAD Bike events, the UK venture and now, currently, cyclists who attended the Climate March in Ostende. It has taught me a lot about how to both make my life easier, and make the site more interesting.

And my cycling has changed. It used to be a fast ride, distance, getting to a destination. Now I tend to be scanning the paths for bikes one interest, cyclists I want to stop and chat with. Plus, over the year, I have managed one bigger tour and a few peloton rides. I even ventured onto a track for an hour, only to discover my legs were only good for 50 minutes. Poof! They were gone. The track collection has yet t be posted, though.

Hopefully, with one year due and some skills picked up  and still many more improvements needed, year two will bring far more. Better images, improved interviews, and a wider range of interests. And, if I get really lucky, more countries. I might even be able to reach for more posts, if I can just get some discipline.

Oh, this is likely my favourite bike, currently. I got it as a replacement to a bike when I broke the frame. Found the frame, a discontinued generic model, on eBay  and then simply put on the parts from the old bike. It gets out almost every day and has been the staple to my riding. Replacement wheels allows me to have touring tires or racing slicks. And, with the flat block on the rear rear and compact front arrangement, it is a fast little beast. Many a time I have tortured road bike enthusiasts with this deceptive little animal. It is delightful.

And, while I can appreciate a racing bike in all its glory, I maintain it will always be your legs that define the cyclist your are. I could enjoy a carbon fibre road bike, but, as for the weight advantage, I know I could benefit more by losing the same difference, and more, from my gut.

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