On again, off again life as a bicycle messenger

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - London bike messenger on a break

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – If you live off the 9-5 grid, you get the highs and lows.

“Today has been very slow. Very, very slow. Yesterday was mad. The day before was mad. Which is great. Loads of work. And then today, there is no work. Which is really bizarre.  I’ve only been doing it for three months now, so still very early on. It’s a job and I needed a job, so why not? And I love being outdoors, love cycling. So, pretty much the best job you can get, if you like that.”

Photographer’s notes: It has always entertained me that I have never spent any time as a bicycle messenger. They were Mad Max adventurers in London in the 1980s. In Canada, they were the only souls out and about in thick snow. I saw the internet destroy an handful of firms, e-mails and the like taking over. But human beings are still needed, packages still have to travel by hand in many instances. So messengers are still alive and well and essential to most major cities to survive.

The entertainment is always the speed of a bicycle messenger. Cars take hours where bicycles ride in under 60 minutes. There are constant stories of packages being delivered well ahead of expected times.

And I still see them on the road and wonder why i have not spent time with them.


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