A quick detour for a photograph of the military

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cyclists in Brussels taking photographs

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Caught on his daily ride, this cyclist slipped onto the main thoroughfare in Brussels to take a few images of the city and the military presence.

“This is just my daily transport and I am on the way to work. The military is something you do not see every day. I don’t pass by here normally. I usually pass on the parallel road but I came here precisely because of the military.”

Photographer’s notes: There were loads of cyclists out and about while the military were on the roads in Brussels. People taking photos of the soldiers, or the vehicles. Countless images of selfies as they posed next to the trucks. And the cameras were out and about. Nowadays, with everyone carrying a camera with their phone, there is no shortage of civilian documentation.

For those wondering, the city was nice and calm. Stores were closed, so traffic was less, but there was plenty of people out and about, waling the downtown, at cafés and the like. Sometimes I looked at the photos in the media and wondered why they would stage a photo that wa, ignoring the people, preferring the angle that ave them a sense of desolation.

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