Brixton Cycles trackie and his footless Ghent track efforts

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Brixton Cycles coop member explaining his track adventures

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Red beard is safe, but now he will be easy to spot at the Ghent track evetns

“I used to be a downhill mountain bike racer, but I stopped that. I realised when I crashed my body did not bounce and accidents really hurt. Now I am a track racer. And I am lazy, so I am just a sprinter. I love it. Ghent is my favourite track. I just love it. I have been around it. Well, I have done half a lap on my feet. I was running. It was the end of the night and everyone had gone home. There was no one there so we got n the track and I started running. And I got to the bend and fell off. And then got taken out by the ‘gendarmes’.  They were really nice actually. They picked up one of my mates and his feet never touched the floor until we were outside. They stopped and held him up while we got his coat ticket and then they threw him out and said, “Come back tomorrow”.

Photographer’s note: While his beard will still be shaved, there is one more chance to post a story about the bearded rider at Brixton Cycles. I was never sure if the threat to shave the beard was actually to entice people to contribute money, or to make them stop. Too late now. The hirsute shall remain more.


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