Repurposed from mail carrier to gardener’s cargo bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Cargo riding gardener prepares his bike for the day at Brixton Cycles

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – There is a lot of casual use tools and pumps at Brixton Cycles that goes almost unnoticed all through then

“It’s a postman’s bike from maybe 20 years ago. I have other bikes, but actually, just to get around town, I find I am using this one. It’s just easier. You can get a lot on it, 20-30 kilos. I am a gardener so sometimes …. And also this rack comes off very easily. The bike is a better bet. Particularly in London at the minute. They are creating all these bike lanes and it is very unpredictable how long it will take to get anywhere.”

Photographer’s notes: Outside Brixton Cycles is a hand pump. When I was going the feature on the co-op owners, there was a steady stream of riders stopping to inflate tires for the ride ahead. I did a few chats w people, more about their bike and riding than about the bicycle shop.

You might be impressed by the shaggy barb being fashioned in the image. Apparently he has put it on the block, threatening to shave it off if a £60,000 target is met. A dire sacrifice, indeed. If you are interested in losing the pre-hipster growth, make a donation… Hopefully they will post a video of the facial scalping.

Brixton Cycles member threatens to shave his barb if the crowdfunding target is met

Help a pre-hipster lose his growth by donating to Brixton Cycles crowdfunding campaign.


Crowdfunding appeal is here:

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