In London, a bike becomes the simplest, afforable option

Barry Sandland/TIMB - Brixton Cyclmes supporter outside the shop

Barry Sandland/TIMB – Brixton Cycles has become a lifeline for many of those struggling to get by in the area.

“I needed a bike because my other one was stolen. I cannot afford to take the bus, you know what I mean? It’s just too expensive.”

Photographer’s notes: Have you been to London? If not, brace yourself for transit fees. They are crippling. If it bad for tourists, it is not much better for residents. If there is a fuel for more bikes on the road, it has to be the cost of getting about – even with travel cards.

Brixton Cycles has a collection of small actions that help the every day cyclist. The pump outside the front door, the free tools policy that allows people to do their own repairs. Not to mention some free service if you are hard pressed to afford it.

Bicycles are becoming far more present on the roads, and are essential to saving a few pounds per week. Travel is costly.

As long as British Rail, the Underground, and all the providers keep their fares at peak levels, expect more bikes on the road every year. And, frankly, for many people, train fees are what keeps them struggling.

But cycling is proving to be the alternative for many. For anybody close to the London City, say anything north of Claphan, south of Finsbury Park, there is no doubt a bicycle is far faster. Cars might push past over 50 metres or so, but they soon come to red lights and more motorised traffic. While drives stew at the lights, cyclists move to the front and are soon minutes further down the road.

It took a while, but London is becoming a cycling city, no matter the protests of some drivers.

You might be impressed by the shaggy barb being fashioned in the image. Apparently he has put it on the block, threatening to shave it off if a £60,000 target is met. A dire sacrifice, indeed. If you are interested in losing the pre-hipster growth, make a donation… Hopefully they will post a video of the facial scalping.

Brixton Cycles member threatens to shave his barb if the crowdfunding target is met

Help a pre-hipster lose his growth by donating to Brixton Cycles crowdfunding campaign.


Crowdfunding appeal is here:

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