Brixton Cycles working to keep the community in their co-op

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Co-op owner participant at Brixton Cycles with her bike in front of the shop graffiti

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Cooperative bicycle shops are hard to find, but often key to local communities and their biking future.

“I’d like to think the co-op is really important to the community. It is community focused and that is at the top of our agenda, who we are and what we want to provide. in regards to giving out free advice, free tools, helping people, even if they do not have the money. It’s a space for people to come and meet other cycles and, if the co-op disappeared, I think it would be a big loss.”

Photographer’s notes: Brixton Cycles is the longest standing bicycle co-operative in England and facing a relocate or close scenario in their London home. Full disclosure, I have sent along my own financial contribution to the move, hoping when I get back next to London, I will be able to visit Brixton Cycles in their new home.

If you are interested in contributing to the public support to keep Brixton Cycles active in their community, you can find their fundraising page here...

The official site for Brixton Cycles is website is here… 

You might be impressed by the shaggy barb being fashioned in the image. Apparently he has put it on the block, threatening to shave it off if a £60,000 target is met. A dire sacrifice, indeed. If you are interested in losing the pre-hipster growth, make a donation… Hopefully they will post a video of the facial scalping.

Brixton Cycles member threatens to shave his barb if the crowdfunding target is met

Help a pre-hipster lose his growth by donating to Brixton Cycles crowdfunding campaign.


Crowdfunding appeal is here:


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