Saving Brixton Cycles and the pursuit of England’s longest-standing cooperative bike shop

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Crowdfunding to help save London's oldest bike shop cooperative

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Crowdfunding to help save London’s oldest bike shop cooperative

For the next couple of weeks, This Is My Bike is going to focus on Brixton Cycles, a UK bike shop coop in London that is about to move location – hopefully to somewhere in the same neighbourhood, taking care of the same people, living with the same support. Caught in a ‘move or close’ scenario, the shop has called out to its support base in the hope they can defray the costs to a point where they can afford the move, and stay alive and vibrant in their community.

As a bike cooperative, there are no bosses. Everybody who works there are equal, regardless of their time employed. It is one of those bastions of democratic workplaces that seem so rare today.

The thrill, though, has been how well entrenched, and loved, the shop has become in the community since its inception in 1983. The call out for crowdfunding has already been a great success. They are tapping on £50,000, which will go a long way to ensuring their success. If you want to be part of the move, there are links below.

This Is My Bike has already chipped in and sent along support, just to be transparent about our involvement here. Ultimately, this is just about supporting cooperative bike shops, regardless of their location.

Over the next few days, we are posting a few images along with interviews with the coop members who were at the shop when we dropped by. No particular order, and certainly no sense of hierarchy.

If you are interested in contributing to the public support to keep Brixton Cycles active in their community, you can find their fundraising page here...

The official site for Brixton Cycles is website is here… 

You might be impressed by the shaggy barb being fashioned in the image. Apparently he has put it on the block, threatening to shave it off if a £60,000 target is met. A dire sacrifice, indeed. If you are interested in losing the pre-hipster growth, make a donation… Hopefully they will post a video of the facial scalping.

Brixton Cycles member threatens to shave his barb if the crowdfunding target is met

Help a pre-hipster lose his growth by donating to Brixton Cycles crowdfunding campaign.


Crowdfunding appeal is here:

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