The open source pursuit, from bike to power source to projects

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Open source cargo bike with Velo M2.

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – 3-D printer on display and a vision to do it all with bike and open source.

“The idea is to create a collection of modules that will work from this bike. We want a power source that will balance the renewable from the momentum of the bike, wind and solar as well. Each module can simply be taken out of the cargo bike and replaced with the other one. Everything we do is open source and the idea is to find more people who want to build on the idea and bring their own projects. Even the cargo bike we use is open source.”

Photographer’s notes: Space was limited and a photo hard to get at the Beursschouwburg voor Br(ik | Alles voor Stadstudenten event, but I am posting this one regardless. I have a love/hate relationship with open source. Sometimes the preset designs are so incredibly restrictive. But then, using proprietorial systems is so unnecessary.

The VeloM2 design has something that has to appeal to people trying to bring projects to their audience with a  bicycle. A large battery sits under this model – I mean, it is powering a 3-D printer. But the limitations seem to be little more than the physical size of the box that has to fit the space.

That is a broad spectrum. After all, if you think about how many different people and companies use standard furniture boxes to move, the limits are very wide.


Velo M2 Facebook page link here…

Velo M2 website link here…

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