When Wiggins became vintage

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Wiggins hat at STalen Ros vintage event

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Wiggins presence at the vintage fete.

“I was at the Stalen Ros vintage bike event in Ghent and I won a Wiggins cycling hat in a coffee raffle. I am still struggling with how quickly Wiggins became vintage. I mean, with his sideburns, I can understand he is a hipster icon. I might wait a while before I declare him vintage.”

Photographer’s notes: Vintage is also a new style. Of course, the older bikes. But also the style of the day. Wiggins Rapha clothing has a nod in that direction.

A lot of riders today, when sporting their team colours, would be more than happy to wear a Molteni jersey, or Brooklyn Chewing Gum. They were the best of the jerseys, for me, in their era.

I went looking for a classic jersey in amongst al the tables, but €100 for a jersey just pushed me back. Plus, they did not have my size, so I could easily avoid the dilemma.

Regardless, I did come home with a long-sleeved red, wool cycling jersey. At five Euros for a XL jersey, it was impossible to leave it on the table.

I wish there was one team today that had a jersey with a greater sense of the classic style. Single sponsor teams are the closest, but I have yet to see a jersey that carries the panache of past decades.

But that may be proof of m age. We al have strongest emotion holds too our epoch. Mine was the seventies and eighties. I loved Peugeot, KAS, Molteni, Brooklyn… Now I have to spend some time on eBay and search for some decent replicas.

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