If you want slow, try a bicycle messenger

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Bikes messengers doing track stands at the Briuk bike market

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Fixed gear messengers racing for their track stand time

At the Brik bicycle fair, there was the slow race. About 10 meters to be covered as slowly as possible. If you want slow, then invite a bicycle messenger crew. Nothing can go as slow as a fixed gear. And then, there were those track stand tricks. Take, Eat, Easy riders seem to be the slowest in the city.

Photographer’s notes: Did you know that Google driverless cars ares struggling with fixie riders? The software that scopes the road is designed to identify cyclists and know when they are resting and when in motion. But fixed gear riders who can track stand their bikes, remaining nearly motionless on the road, have all the characteristics of a moving cyclist in their position on the bike. As they rock back and forth, Google cars are caught in a stop-go scenario.

It has the developers both frustrated and amused as they can become trapped at intersections as fixie riders inadvertently create chaos.



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