How to avoid the Brussels traffic pinnacle

€Barry Sandland/TIMB - Two Brussels cyclists pondering there route

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – just another day to make it easier.

I am not ‘always’ on a bike. I have a car but I do not use it a lot because it is difficult to drive a car. It is hard to find parking and Brussels is one of the traffic jam capitals. I released most of the time you can go quicker on the bike than with the car. I mean, Brussles is very small and the most you can do is maybe 10 kilometres? And this is OK with the bike. I did seven kilometres this morning and took my bike and it is far easier and quicker than with the car. The bicycle is freedom. You know how much time it takes to get from place to place. You are not trapped. That is why I do it.”

Photographer’s notes: Brussels is actually quite small. I would not call it a walking city, but you can get from tip to tip in about ten kilometres. And then, you break from the city and you are in the forest immediately.

When I think about cycling in London and the 16-plus kilometres from office to home, when I visit… I could get into the far reaches of Belgium with that distance. The concentrated city means y0u can get everywhere easily. I rather like it.



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