Scandinavia leads the way with elegant cargo bikes

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Light Omnium cargo bike from Denmark used by Hush Rush in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Superlight cargo bikes are creating a new interest. And Denmark is leading the way.

“It’s an Omnium cargo bike. The Danish make it.  Its nice because the design is from a racing bike. It is really light, and it is really fast. We can carry about 50kgs and it can turn around very quickly. The bike belongs to my company, Hush Rush Messengers, so it is my work bike. I’ve been a messenger for a year or two now. I had lots of free time and have lots of bikes and I got to Brussles without a lot of money and I wanted a job that would make me happy. Works starts around 9.30 and can stop and 14:30 or 18:30. There are extreme times and calm times.”

Photographer’s notes: I have raved about the Danish Bullit bike before, but the Omnium might be my new Scandinavian love. The strap-bound cargo section makes the cargo far lighter and the racing shape makes the bike quick. I have a love for hybrid bikes that cross the line between work and speed. It was why I bought my first Ridgeback – a messenger bike that was a racing/city hybrid.

I was chasing the Omnium up a steady rise out of the city and this one climbed it effortlessly, the rider spinning a gear, his hands draped over the handlebars like a Tour de France solo breakaway. It definitely had speed.

HushRush Messengers website is here…

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