On a bike the Dutch way

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Man carrying second-hand furniture on his bike

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – The Dutch way – a balancing act of spare hands and two wheels

“I just came back from the flea market where I bought this. I have made about 300 trips on my bike like this. I do it on a daily basis, almost. I am opening a cocktail bar called ‘Marcel’ just over there on Circusstraat, in a month or two. I buy second hand furniture for my business on my bike. I find it more useful to be on the bike than with a car queuing all the time. This is the Dutch way.”

You are Dutch?

“No. I am from France.”

Photographer’s notes: I will always be a sucker for people transporting massive objects on a bike. No specific cargo bike in use, hyst two wheels, a spare hand and a balancing act.

My best one to date was transporting a large, but basic, chair. I slipped the flour legs across my shoulders and hips, tied it to my body with a strap and headed home on the spare road with a massive chair on my back.

I was trying to avoid attention by taking the side roads, but that always fails. Before long, a police cruiser eased up alongside, the window rolled down and the policeman inside pointed at me and let out a laugh. Then he drove off.



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