The ubiquitous international Brompton is taking over Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Two Brompton cyclists with their bikes in Brussels

©Barry Sandland/TIMB- The ever-present Brompton on the streets of Brussels

“We used to live here in Brussels back in 2003 and we are back doing a small tour, just a little ride as we test the bikes for some sort of bigger tour. But now as we ride, we see Brompton’s everywhere here. Every second bike seems to be a Brompton.”

Photographer’s notes: Another couple from Canada doing their bit. We stood and chatted for a bit before moving into the photo stage. Comparing experiences on the road, North American versus European cycling,

It is true, though, that the Brompton seems a constant on the roads in Brussels. There are other foldables that have a presence, but nothing like the Brommies. We were chatting about the growth and then joking at the Bromptons that passed us while we were chatting. .. There really are a lot of them here.

Equally comical is that they are from Canada. I am from Canada, as well. But I come from Newfoundland, a remote eastern province. Of course, they were there this year riding about.

And they are from Ottawa. And I was there this year, riding about.

It is all a bit of a Canadian comedy.

Regardless, being Canuks meeting on a roadside in Belgium is enough to keep any conversation moving for a while.

Foldables are proof of the growing numbers of new commuters who prefer the train/bike combination in their daily travels. Head to any major train station and see foldables come of each and every train on the rush hours. And train/bike combos are the only growing demographic in Holland for commuters, apparently. That I gleaned at a presentation during EU Mobility Week last month.

I suppose I shall have to brace myself for another score of foldables in the coming year whenever I take the train.

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