First response, and the cool factor, with bikes at the airport

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Emergency responder on a bicycle at Montreal International airport

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Two wheels and emergency response in Montreal

“We are the first responders here at the airport and if there is a problem, we are always the first there. We can get there in a couple of minutes. We ride our bicycles  all through the airport. A paramedic is called automatically, if it is a medical issue. We have everything on board. There are sirens and lights. Everything. And riding through the airport is very cool.”

Photographer’s notes: I have never seen this before. Oh, I have seen airports where people shoot about on scooters, and then Segways and electric cars. But a bicycle seems new. It all makes sense when you think about it. They are faster than most other options, far easier to navigate in difficult conditions, and are familiar to the operators.

It all makes so much sense in reflection.

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