Find a long hill, ride, repeat often, then head to Mont Ventoux

©Barry Sandland/TIMB - Rider on Scorpion bike at the top of Mont Ventoux

©Barry Sandland/TIMB – Slow and steady, repeat when necessary.

“There is a secret to this. You have to go and find yourself a nice, long hill and then teach yourself how to ride at a nice, steady pace. And when you have the pace figured out, you can do hills like this.”

Photographer’s notes: There may be a small problem with the theory. There are  not that many places with hills that run eight or nine kilometres, because that is about the distance you need to get your legs to surrender to pace over force.

I struggled with my legs for the first ten kilometres. It was only after that marker that the body changed and I could find pace and forget about forcing myself to do anything. Of course, others might call that exhaustion.

Finding a pace does not mean the ride was easier. But it did mean I stopped struggling to force my body to do what it could not. … Sounds a lot like exhaustion, to me.

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